How the Enterprise Social Networking (ESN) meets the demands and needs of social business

Enterprise Social Networking (ESN): An assortment of technologies that creates value for the business through the sharing of profiles, updates and notifications.

The Enterprise Social Network differ from the public social media for the particular context in which they are inserted, ie the working environment, made up of teams, projects and reports.
Expectations regarding the use of social media by employees in the company are very high, this is because people perceive the benefits of social media as part of their private life. First, there is a widespread perception that the value of the enterprise social networking (ESN) can bring, especially in terms of sharing, collaboration among colleagues and business areas: a big change in corporate culture.

The instruments offered by the mechanisms of social networks can in fact be used by companies and public administrations, to ensure the management of the work (more ordered and shared), to promote interaction in the workplace and – in essence – to improve the business and the productivity of those who use them.

The rationale for the choice of using an Enterprise Social Network (ESN) are numerous: greater cohesion of human capital, increased competitiveness in the company, strengthening the sense of belonging to the company, the greater involvement and participation of all employees, collaboration between groups and teams resulting in greater efficiency in achieving objectives.

Should not be underestimated the advantages related to the sharing of ideas that this process would bring, with products to offer, project initiatives or technology to share, rapid circulation of information, news of general interest on specific products, customers, new technologies, and so on.

Everything would be shared and discussed within the social network company. As a result we can aspect an increase of information and discussion about interesting news, such as news relating to competing products, new business opportunities, shared info on products / services, as well as a bigger share of “practical” problems (technical, commercial or other ), looking for shared answers.

Advantages brought by the Enterprise Social Networking (ESN)

  • Encourage the sharing through the creation of a two-way dialogue, making the business more ‘personal’, reducing the distance from the leaders, connecting all people to each other, forming private groups;
  • Capture the knowledge skills by identifying, avoiding duplication and improving coordination, transferring knowledge;
  • Enable action by solving problems better and faster, involving customers and stakeholders, optimizing processes;
  • Strengthen people by giving voice to employees to collect valuable contributions and turn them into concrete innovations, but also increasing the involvement, satisfaction and recall of information.

Sociaelite, the Enterprise Social Network (ESN) powered by Abbeynet, can meets the demands and needs of social business.
It’s a social network that can be used in companies and public administration (PA) through the integration of additional features aimed at deepening and highlight a more professional and business-oriented social networking.




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